Supernal S-A2 eVTOL aircraft

Our eVTOL concept.

Supernal Concept

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The next level of
electric air vehicles.

Inspired by the beauty and efficiency of nature’s designs, the S-A2 is Supernal’s latest eVTOL. Everything about it is state-of-the-art. Better yet, it’s built to anticipate and seamlessly incorporate tomorrow’s technology. We believe it will set the gold standard for Advanced Air Mobility.

Supernal S-A2 rotor innovation

Eight tilting rotors. Endless advantages.

A remarkable advancement, the eight tilting rotors are unique to the industry and elegantly solve a number of engineering challenges simultaneously.

  • Eight tilting rotors - each providing vertical and horizontal thrust
  • Offers redundancy in all flight phases
  • Increases aircraft efficiency
  • Eliminates edgewise rotor flow and the dynamic instability dedicated lift rotors are prone to
  • Allows for a lighter vehicle and delivers a smoother flight
  • Powered by all-electric motors for zero in-flight emissions
Supernal S-A2 safety features

Safety above all else.

Safety is a design philosophy - and priority - that runs through every feature of our electric air vehicle.

  • Designed to meet global aviation safety standards for operation in markets around the world
  • Certified for Instrument Flight Rules (IFR)
  • Capable of operating safely at night and in poor visibility conditions - both increasing uptime
  • Built with multiple redundant systems
Supernal S-A2 featuring multi-generational design

Engineered for Tomorrow's Technology.

We’ve built our eVTOL vehicle with operators in mind. The future-ready platform limits downtime and makes upgrades relatively easy.

  • Open design system allows for upgrades as technology matures
  • Reduces certification efforts when installing new parts
  • Upgrade to next-gen technology without buying a new vehicle
Supernal S-A2 modular design

Elegant form. Modular function.

Working in concert, Hyundai Motor Group and Supernal have brought the best of automotive design and engineering to aerospace.

  • A showcase of human centered design, our cabin is built by award-winning luxury automotive designers
  • Configurable and modular, it easily switches between layouts for cargo, two-passenger, four-passenger, and more
  • Separately upgradeable pilot and passenger cabins
Supernal S-A2 aircraft backed by HMG

Backed by Hyundai Motor Group.

Hyundai Motor Group’s (HMG) world-class aftermarket and financial expertise will keep you running safely and seamlessly.

  • Maintenance, repair, and overhaul services made easy
  • Expert automotive smart manufacturing to produce vehicles on a global scale
  • Advanced battery and alternative energy source research ensures your fleet will always be at the forefront of technology
  • We’re also looking to provide financing services to help operators build their fleets
Supernal S-A2 eVTOL aircraft performance

The S-A2. Performance and Specs.

  • Avg trip distance – 25-40 SM 
  • Avg cruise speed – > 120 MPH 
  • Number of pax – 4 pax + 1 pilot 
  • Noise at hover – < 65 dBA 
  • Noise at cruise – < 45 dBA 
  • Cruise altitude – 1,500 ft 

We launched our latest eVTOL vehicle product concept at CES 2024.

Exciting news is on the horizon.