World-class expertise.

Research & Development

Combining the best in aerospace engineering with HMG’s unrivaled expertise in automotive smart manufacturing, Supernal is uniquely equipped to produce electric air vehicles and supporting infrastructure at scale.


Smart manufacturing

We’re bringing HMG’s vast experience - in automation, big data, construction, shipping, financing, and more - to aerospace. Streamlined, efficient production will enable us to bring AAM to the world at a reasonable price-point.


Better batteries

Our goal is to put vehicles in the air with tomorrow’s technology. So we’re creating the next generation of light, energy-dense batteries that are designed to meet today’s commercial aviation standards while delivering maximum performance.


Autonomous flight

Automation helps reduce human error and make the skies even safer. We believe fully autonomous flight is achievable in the future when the regulations and public are ready for it. The technology will also streamline air traffic control communications by coordinating takeoffs and landings with exceptional precision.

Advanced engineering. With a human touch.

Explore Supernal’s award-winning eVTOL vehicle product concept. Many of these elements will be incorporated in the S-A2, our latest aircraft.

Welcome aboard

Our cabin is being built with an approach that keeps safety and comfort top of mind. We’re employing rigorous testing - over the course of years - to optimize everyone’s flying experience.


Earth-friendly materials

Sustainability is a core part of our material and process selection. Our engineers are actively seeking to reduce the carbon footprint of our vehicles both today and in the future.


Noise reduction

Rest assured, our team of aeroacoustic engineers will ensure that our vehicles blend into urban and suburban environments quite comfortably.

A network that works.

As a part of HMG, Supernal is leveraging an enormous knowledge base across a ready-built network of industry-leading experts. It’s this unique ability to bring automotive know-how to aerospace manufacturing that sets us apart in our mission to realize the vision of Advanced Air Mobility.