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Advanced Air Mobility is an ambitious mission. Supernal’s vision for a complete ecosystem will call upon expertise in aircraft production, physical and digital infrastructure, fleet operations, legislation, safety standards, and aftermarket services (such as maintenance and repair) to enable all of it. We know we can’t do this alone. Strategic partnerships with companies and municipalities will play a crucial role in our success. We invite you to join us.

Supernal partners: in the news

Supernal and GKN Aerospace Announce Agreement for eVTOL Vehicle Aerostructures, Electrical Wiring Systems and Manufacturing Innovation

Supernal and GKN Aerospace to Advance Manufacturing Processes for eVTOL Vehicle Components

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Supernal, Hyundai WIA and Mecaer Aviation Group Partner to Accelerate eVTOL Landing Gear Development

Supernal, Hyundai WIA and Mecaer Aviation Group Partner to Accelerate eVTOL Landing Gear Development

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Supernal and Korean Air Announce Strategic Partnership to Spur Development of Advanced Air Mobility Vehicles and Operational Ecosystem

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Honeywell, Hyundai Motor Group’s Supernal to Develop Ground Control Station for Uncrewed Aircraft Testing

Honeywell, Hyundai Motor Group’s Supernal to Develop Ground Control Station for Uncrewed Aircraft Testing

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As cities around the world are planning to reap the benefits of AAM, we serve as an industry resource for regulators developing frameworks for safe AAM operations. We’re also routinely helping cities explore how AAM can be tailored to meet their unique needs and integrate AAM with existing transportation options.

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Complement existing transit

AAM can help solve transportation challenges by diversifying transportation options, completing fragmented routes, and providing time savings for passengers as they need reliable travel modes with consistent flight times.

Create jobs

The AAM industry and ecosystem will require a large workforce to build, maintain, and operate it. That means new jobs throughout a city across a host of industries, from engineering and construction to IT, retail, and many more. Of course, it will also create more pilot, mechanic, and technician jobs.

Sustainable energy

Advanced Air Mobility is a sustainable mode of transportation. Employing all-electric vehicles and small vertiports, it’s environmentally friendly to augment any city’s transportation system – without the need to build extensive ground infrastructure.


Our complete AAM solution will create opportunities for partnerships in vehicle production, infrastructure, fleet operations, supply chain capacity, and more. In addition, collaboration with community stakeholders from the start is imperative.

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Develop new aerospace technologies

We’re looking for partners in the aerospace community who want to build the next generation of aircraft and capitalize on this emerging part of the industry. We’re also partnering with established aerospace companies and investing in startups to accelerate the creation of new materials, technologies, supply chain capacity, and other required elements.

Build the infrastructure for AAM

Impactful intermodal transportation will require significant collaboration with municipalities, regulators, local businesses, and community members. This is why we believe in developing the entire ecosystem before we go to market – so that when our vehicle is ready, the infrastructure and regulations will be, too.

Diversify your aviation revenue streams

Advanced Air Mobility is creating multiple new business opportunities across infrastructure, operations, and many other industries. The possibilities are endless.


We’re here to help fleet operators enjoy a smooth transition into the new era of AAM. In addition to developing eVTOL vehicles and the ecosystem in which they’ll operate, we’re also developing a tenable business case for them. There are multiple ways you can partner with us and help us bring the right vehicle and the right turn-key solutions to market.

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Join the operator advisory board

We’re seeking diverse perspectives to realize our mission. Whether you’re an airline operator, a helicopter or fixed-wing charter operator, an aircraft financier, or a ground mobility service provider, we invite you to join us and help make AAM a reality.

Extend your market footprint

Aftermarket vehicle services. Infrastructure development. Fleet operations. Ample opportunities exist to build new and profitable business lines within AAM.


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We’re always forging new partnerships, building relationships with industry and community stakeholders, and expanding our team. We encourage any inquiries.

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