A pragmatic, people-first approach.

Realistic planning. Remarkable results.

A new era of flight can only begin after the necessary groundwork is done. So while we’re engineering the next generation of air vehicles, we’re also working with partners and government agencies to help create the entire air and ground network that will support electric flight.


Launching a complete solution

In addition to developing eVTOL vehicles and the ecosystem in which they’ll operate, we’re also developing a tenable business case for the broader industry to adopt. We’re exploring “turnkey AAM market solutions” as a sustainable competitive advantage for Supernal and a long-term value proposition for future vehicle customers. In this arena, Supernal may offer a financing and insurance platform, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) plans, and an operational data network.


More R&D. More testing.

Rather than rushing to market with existing capabilities, we’re anticipating future technologies, engineering air vehicles, and vertiports that will be both safe and economically practical.


Access to superior materials

We’re vetting (and in some cases, developing) sustainable materials that are both planet-friendly and conducive to building light, efficient electric air vehicles.


Early input

From the beginning, our approach has been collaborative. Our goal is to facilitate a cycle of proactive planning and policy-making to maximize AAM’s benefit to communities.


Powered by HMG. Built for scale.

We’re creating a new form of aviation manufacturing blending automotive’s high-tech production technologies with aerospace’s high certification standards that will enable AAM to reach a reasonable price-point.

People-first principles.


We're working closely with key aerospace suppliers to engineer and develop our eVTOL, components, systems, and software ensuring they meet the high safety standards that have made commercial air travel the safest form of travel in the world.


Our aeroacoustic engineers eliminate every decibel possible and consult with government agencies to ensure our noise profile meets existing standards. From the ground and in the cabin, our vehicle’s noise level will be similar to the hum of chatter you hear in a restaurant.


AAM has the potential to transform communities by enabling efficient intra-city routes, access to traditionally underserved and remote locations, and more seamless transit journeys overall.


A new form of transportation deserves a reimagined passenger experience. Our vehicle cabins will be replete with thoughtful touches and high-tech features. And our vertiports will be designed to make every step of your journey easier.

The road to the sky.


Company founded

Aircraft conceptual design and research

Full-scale vehicle testing

Certification application

Entry into service

Scaling begins

Global scaling begins